AOTD: Reunited

July 23rd, 2010 Posted by SEM 0 thoughts on “AOTD: Reunited”

I haven’t had much time to share the lovely creatives that have passed by lately, and it has seemed like even the wacky has been lacking in originality, but today’s winner has brought me back.

One of the issues we have been experiencing on our network is an overflow of poor, unbalanced political advertising. Not uncommon among publishers, I’m sure, the lead in to this years election has been small spends, and extremist tactics. Keeping this garbage off the network has been difficult, especially with the limited help provided by “the Big G” at blocking, categorizing, and in updating their review/approval process.

removals of the campaign kind are now a daily part of my life, which is fine, I suppose. I get paid for it. But today’s example made my day:

Oh, what the heck: I actually agree with some of her positions (see Dictionary: “Pun”), and I do like the whole “Don’t Just Site There” tag line. You’ve gotta vote for someone, right?